Heartache is teaching me how to love myself.

Untrustworthy has taught me to trust again.
Fear it teaching me fearlessness.
Imprisoned thinking has taught me freedom.
Feeling small is teaching me to be free-spirited.
Not good enough teaches me my awesomeness.
Lies teach me to stand in truth even when I’m on my own.
Failure teaches me redirection.
Self loathing makes me ill which teaches me how to be loving and healthy again.
Silence teaches me the power within.
Self sabotage teaches me how to stand tall even when the voices say “you can’t”
The stars teach me that shining requires darkness.
The sun teaches me that light and heat will dissolve.
The moon teaches me change is inevitable.
My pain teaches me, more pain or, that I can form a new neural pathway; it’s my choice.
Lack teaches me to notice abundance,
Abundance reminds me about impermanence,
Negativity teaches me there is a little room at the table but this too must be transformed.
Positivity teaches me my power.
Our energy is source, cultivate it, transform it, conserve it, own it.
The universe teaches me love is the only real currency.
Right now, teaches me that my ability to generate the currency of love ❤️ is too, a choice.
Wisdom teaches me magic.
Creativity teaches me I’m a dancer.
Death teaches me life.
Life teaches me the hard way
…so love can find the real way.
Wounds are my best teachers.
The path teaches me there is no path.
What I deserve is determined by what I think I deserve.
Berlin, Glastonbury, Ithaca , Puglia, Rome you gave me magic, deep soul learning, sisterhood, romance, love and everlasting beauty.
You, teach me we are all the same
You, teach me we are all unique.
Perception and conditioning remind me who freedom is.
Experience teaches me that I am in charge of my happiness…
Happiness teaches me, is a choice.
Choice teaches me to own consequences.
Your greatest initiation is your perception of your life.
Breath teaches me about the real love affair.
School truly begins the moment you chose healing and love.
Forgiveness will save your life!
Fitting-in is not meant for the ones who stand out.
Your body talks to you 24 hours a day.
Heaven is awakened consciousness.
There are two ways of looking at everything:
One leads to dis-ease
The other, regeneration.
Holy is loving someone ‘exactly’ as they are.
Your vibes speak louder than your words
2016 has taught me the “f*ck you” mantra really
And “f*ck you” is synonymous with “I love me”
Some friends have taught me, they never were
Others, shine in the most unexpected ways.
Authenticity does not equate popularity
But truth has legs…
Your vibe may attract your tribe
BUT, less will always be more.
Being yourself comes at a price
The price, is how you embody your life.
2016 you’ve showed me who I am.
You reminded me that copies will never be me
And non of it matters anyway.
You’ve taught me that some things, even after mourned, can not be healed
And my body is where that’s been revealed.
You’ve taught me that no one will do it for you
And healing is in feeling.
Strength is how you choose to respond
And vulnerability is stronger than gold.
You’ve showed me once again The creatives are some of the fastest to depart Mother Earth
And, leaders are not necessarily the appointed folk.
This year, love and peace have risen in humanity
Yet we too, have peeked a global cusp.
We-the people, stood up for, and saved our fresh water supplies
2016 you’ve taught me paradox
I realise if I can live with that
I’ve learnt to dance the dance
while still believing…
Magic is everywhere
This is after all, the Golden Age.
You’ve taught me I’m the Yogini, goddess, priestess, womanifest
The Alchemist
My currency
2016 you’re in the dust.
Wildly, Wendy xx