2017 was more of a introspective and implementing year for me personally. In my work, personal and health life, I refined. Less is more. I reduced the amount of yoga classes I taught in gyms and instead of doing lots of short classes here and there diluting both my teachings and energy, I committed to teaching people more in- depth for longer sessions. I’m happy about this choice and believe it has helped many people advance their practices both on the mat and in their personal lives.

Personal life circumstances that could not be changed actually lead my own yoga practice to become far more intuitively guided by the feminine healing qualities of moon nectar energies. I spent last year listening deeply to what was actually needed to help me grow, heal, strengthen, release, change and ultimately accept. This approach is what lead towards greater certainty and gold.
My inspiration as always, stems from all creative realms: human and non-human, animal and plant, the elements, mythical and science and of course art, life experiences and world affairs both environmentally and politically – it was some year!
Teachers blazing the path awake for me and who directly influence my life and teachings are, as ever, my own teacher Sianna Sherman – I adore the fire and nectar approach to her luminary teachings and I truly believe her teachings live through my offerings in a profound assimilation and transmition.
Shiva Rea has also been a great influence this last year, her, The Art of Lunar Namaskar Teacher Training was invaluable, movement meditations have played a great part in my practice and teachings, so very creative, calming, healing and freeing. I  hope you’ve enjoyed embodying them too.
Shamonic teachings continue to invoke my intrigue and senses. One particular experience last year with a shamanic healer from Costa Rica guided me to play with healing energy in different ways, opening gateways towards greater trust, healing and incorporating Crystal Healing Singing Bowls into my practices, these beautiful energetic re-calibrators are part of my growing collection now, here to purify energy and build a force-field of pranic light within and all around the body. I enjoy the gift of these fabulous healers very much and hope you will continue to enjoy the experiences offered by Crystal Healing Singing Bowl sound therapy too.
Tara Judelle is another blazing light in the yoga world and influencer of my teachings last year. I was inspired with her Embodied Flow practices and I see her work contributing further.
DoTerra Essential Oils became a more integrated aspect of my offerings and the creation of my own Embodied Consciousness Botanica Range was designed, created and ready for sale on my website and in shops. The process was a beautiful learning experience designed to help use specific oils embed with gemstones to support, charge or clam the endocrine system with greater health and balance.
There are many things to be grateful for, my yoga retreat to Bali stands out as one of those fabulous highlights. The students who joined me really contributed to us all having a transformative and powerfully uplifting experience. You who came made that retreat a life-long beautiful memory.  Bali and her green lustrous gems certainly lure me back for more…and more. Watch this space.
Closer home and on the mat locally, I would like to thank and honour yogis who have continually showed up, stepped up, done the deeper yogic work both physically and emotionally, working with and overcoming life’s challenges and are now blazing more brightly because of it. I am extremely grateful for all students and what you offer of yourself in this continuous awakening journey. Many others, and some who cross my path in particular, deep pranams to you. I see you. Namaste, Jai Ma!
Debbie Evans
Charlotte Heggie
Nahla Zaghow
Francesca Blyth
Mary Prime
Janet Mason
Helen Campbell
I bow to your commitment and growth.
The world as my playground last year; what an incredible ride: a gorgeous wedding in Greece, a fabulous adventure for Aliyah’s 21st in New York, and romantic break in Paris with my husband, a fabulous island hopping holiday to Croatia and Yoga Retreat to Bali’s magic. Yes I am blessed, yes I am grateful, yes I am up for great adventures of life…Finland, Northern Lights, here we come!
What’s next?
The chapa is the sugarcane bow of the goddess. The string of the bow is made out of humming honeybees and her arrows are made out of flowers. The bow of the goddess is the healing powers of mantra and when her arrows fly throughout the air and hit the mark of the heart, everything blossoms open. This is one of the teachings I receive and remember when challenges arise.
The visualisation of the bow and arrow teachings is of powerful integration. The bow is wisdom and arrow is method. The bow is feminine and arrow is masculine, The bow like a crescent moon and arrow like a laser beam of light. The bow and arrow symbolise energy, both kinetic and potential.
An arrow can only be released by creating tension and pulling it backwards, when life is pulling you back by difficulties it is asking you to do the emotional, physical,  preparation and processing before that arrow will launch into your greatest potential. The further drawn back into darkness, the further potential to propel into light. This particular arrow has been pulled back way far enough and I am finally… ready! Both personally and business-wise I am ready to launch into this new arena…I’m excited to see where the dance will unfold, who will be dancing aside and what really happens when you say yes to the things that scare you the most. I’m saying yes! Yes to new projects, collaborations, retreats, trainings and yes to mySelf, my dreams.
Of course, it would not be balanced to just acknowledge what’s ablaze with passion and light. As my path deepens and continues I am acutely aware of the constant necessity to cleanse, not just my body which actually I now know is 100% so important for growth and success in every area but also to totally detox: the kitchen, the fridge, cupboards, bathroom cupboards, wardrobes, nooks and crannies, all technology, emails, accounts, bank accounts and reassessing those standing orders, yoga books, cooking books, music, apps, everything, everything is a reciprocal feedback loop. Do we really need all of it? So much of this stuff weighs us down, holds us back and messes with clarity and vision. Cleanse it, detox it (not just your body but especially your body temple) all the materialistic stuff, completely, too. The lighter the stuff we carry the more aligned we become with what’s really trying to manifest its way through.
I would like to ask you a question too: How can I serve you better? What type of yoga offerings would you like more or less of? Retreats, destinations? Trainings? Workshops and themes? More Tantric philosophy? Anatomy? Mantra? Mudra? meditations? Crystal Healing Singing Bowls? Social get-togethers? And more…Please share and let me know how I can serve you more.
2017 thank you for the lessons, the blessings, friends, family, teachings, students, growth and insight.
2018, Shall we…