Fire gives heat and light, both amazing gifts from the universe. In our homes, fire kindles connection; conversation by an open log fire is so inviting. We can cook our food with fire and it keeps us warm, it can even guide us from the darkness. Our body too, needs fire to keep us warm, maintain a healthy circulation and a strong digestive system not only to process the foods we consume but also process and digest what life sends our way.

This pose is like the peak of a flame, over do it and it will blow over; under do it and it just won’t happen…it’s a hot play of both fire and nectar.
Too much Agni and our body burns out, becomes depleted, tired and worn, not enough and we become lethargic, uninspired and lack lustre …there’s always a fine line between ourselves and our relationship with fire, with sizzling, fiery, passion may we all shine on.