Wow, if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is! I actually love walking around this church yard and by the river…death doesn’t scare me…but not living while I’m alive, that does bother me.
Within us and our lives there are always deaths, not necessarily in a form of a physical being, although we know this happens continuously too, but in the form of our old selves. Our old beliefs, old ways of doing things, old ways of saying the same stuff that just doesn’t work, even trying in friendships and relationships that if we are truthful changed some time back. Death of the same old, same old, can only be a good thing. The ‘skill in action’ comes with how we navigate our way from one part that’s dissolving and into the new story that’s birthing. This, for me, is where yoga comes in, and specifically the type I teach because it gives us great tools in our every day life. The tantric philosophy is awesome, “everything” in our life is used as compost to grow into our higher self (and I mean, everything, not just the pretty, pretty stuff) – do you know that the original tantrikas used to dance on the gravestones to remind them of how precious life is? We must learn to be an alchemist of everything that comes our way, to use it somehow to shape us without letting it break us.

What is your relationship with change?

Awesome things falling away, dying in your life now?

What is growing and being birthed?

Important doors are closing and important doors are opening for you in your life right now. Which way are you looking?

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayei Viche Svaha

Kali energies help us transform our fears into fearlessness…which in time, brings authenticity and freedom. Embrace the paradox.