Saturday 25th March at The Brooklands Centre, Newport Pagnell,  10am – 5pm (with a two hour, well rested lunch)

Give yourself the gift of youself with a beautiful Spring day, yoga retreat of: movement medicine, ritual, mudra, affrimations, high vibrations, Tantric philosophy, essential oils, cell restructuring meditations, restorative yoga, wholesome Indian food (optional) fun and community inclusiveness. A day of fire and nectar practices each loving and supportingly wholesome, yet radiant and balanced energy for your entire being.

Spring Equinox is about celebrating the growing new light where the days and nights are equal in length and cosmic energy is moving into brightness. Our bodies, as well as the land are beginning to feel more fertile. Everything is coming alive and awakening, this life-force spark magically bursts into action as the year moves into its active phase. Let’s use the energy and cultivate scintillating sparkles of our own.

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Our morning will be dynamic, mythical yoga flow, embodying consciousness of: abundance, prosperity and love. We’ll get hot, sweaty and detoxed. Expect: myth, progressive pranayama, core, armbalances, inversions, twists, backbends…I will be sharing organic essential oils to ignite and awaken a loving passion in the air and in our bodies too.

Our afternoon will be slow, Soulful, shri, embodying consciousness of: sustainability, Earth and affrimation. We’ll get nourished, replenished and content. Expect: mantra, supine, seated, hip openers, forward folds, and a sprinkling of  restorotive postures into a guided meditation and elongated savasana.

along with Spring’s seasonal boost, the day will encapsulate qualities of the auspicious feminine ‘energy’ Lakshmi- if we wish to invoke the boons of abundance, generosity, beauty and prosperity we must first learn how to become a cultivator of the Earth and discover shri for ourselves.

Join me for a day all about you! Come breathe with: movement, mudra, mantra, myth, moon, magic, melody, Ma (Mother Earth)… ignite Embodied Consciousness and leap into Spring.

(Optional) For lunch you are invited to the local Indian restaurant where we will continue this beautiful theme of the day (price not included)

Day Retreat Price: £45 (+£2 paypal booking fee)

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Morning session: 10-1 pm

Afternoon session: 3 – 5pm

Lunch 1 -3 pm 

Further information call Wendy: 07722 222360

“Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful.” A. Grey

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