24th September 2016 – 1st October 2016


Retreat Centre Pelagos is located just 3km from the centre of Oia Village and 200m from Oia beaches, set in a backdrop of white-washed buildings, vineyards and gardens, Pelagos invites relaxation and tranquility within moments upon arrival.


You may prefer to relax at the pool, go to the beach, walk through  the local countryside into breathtaking Oia or take a drink at the poolside restaurant and bar…the Greek lifestyle will have you captivated and the staff are the most friendly, wonderful people at your service.
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In perfect harmony with the landscape Pelagos studios are detached, traditional Cycladic buildings, they are architecturally inspired by local houses, set amongst organic gardens and dotted all around are beautiful pots filled with local plants and flowers. The verandas at sunrise and sunset are perfect relaxation bliss.


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Prices are based on shared accommodation


Organic Cuisine:


Straight from the garden, to the kitchen, to your table, to your prana.


Santorini offers agricultural produce of exquisite quality and rich in flavour due to it’s unique climate and volcanic soils. Pelagos’ food philosophy is to combine local produce with biological cultivation. They cultivate typical local varieties of fruits and vegetables. They strongly support the idea of organic nutrition and this can been seen as you stroll around the gardens filled with cherry tomatoes, white aubergines, cucumbers, string beans, grapes, figs, melons and watermelons.


Prices include six evening meals with fish and meat options available.




Pelagos hosts a covered, open-air yoga space, it is the perfect invitation to connect in with yourSelf and re-awaken your wild Soul, while being surrounded by nature herself. Yoga is set in a unique, peaceful and secluded location, among vineyards and lush fields. It is close to the pool, organic gardens and the picture-perfect chapel on the hillside means freedom, nourishment and fabulous yoga to fully embody your consciousness.


Two daily yoga practices: mornings are alignment based, embodied consciousness flows with mudra, mantra, pranayama, meditation, mythology. Afternoon sessions are more luna based, Soulful, moving meditations, introspective, therapeutic and restorative.


Not included:


Airport transfers
Holiday insurance
One evening meal
Unique beverages


Price Includes:


Twice daily yoga
Seven nights accommodation
Coffee/tea fruits at breakfast
Daily brunch
Six evening meals.


One evening the group are invited to dine out together and watch the exquisite sunset on the horizon (price not included and optional).


* Early bird price: £770 (increasing to £820 in Nov-book now to save £50!)
* Payment plan: £385 immediate. 2nd payment of £385 due 24/6/2016


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I would love you to join me for an exquisite retreat to the most beautiful island. I personally feel like I truly come home to myself every time I visit Greece. The energy of Santorini is especially inviting as the island is directly on lay-lines of the Earth. Learn how to breathe with movement, mudra, mantra, myth, moon, magic, melody, Ma and embody yourself in consciousness, sea and sun-drenched magic.


Wild light love
Wendy xxx