1- Say yes to your heart not your head

2- say no to demands on you that do not align with your heart

3- tell yourself you do have time for that

4- stop chasing people

5- listen to how others talk about you or others and choose wisely

6- cook yourself a wholesome meal even if it’s just for you

7-go to bed early

8- eat breakfast at breakfast time

9- eat lunch at lunch time

10- eat dinner at dinner time

11- sure have a glass of alcohol or two (no more though, that is not self love)

12- eat veg

13- speak to yourself nicely

14- compliment yourself

15- love the way you think

16- choose thoughts that lift you

17- live in the moment (it’s the only real place to live)

18- get fresh air

19- spend time exploring nature

20- let go of the past

21- let go of people who are not good for you

22- stop thinking you’ll be better when such-and-such-happens

23- honour where you are

24- practice gratitude

25- stop judging others on your own worn conditioning

26- stop judging yourself on your old worn conditioning

27- say sorry more often

28- give your love away

29- receive love

30- receive a compliment

31- tell yourself “you can”

32- mean what you say

33- say what you mean

34- protect your skin

35- protect your teeth

36- protect your body (this is actually number one!)

37- dress like its the last day of your life

38- give yourself permission to have fun

39- live life fully

40 – do something you’ve never done before

41- look at that thing with new eyes

42- train yourself to see the beauty in little things

43- believe “there’s nothing wrong with you!”

44- feed your dreams

45- love your enemies

46- remember no one is better than you

47- remember you are not better than anyone else

48- smile at strangers

49- phone your friends and family

50- do it all again tomorrow

Please add more to this list and share with all your friends who need reminding.