FIRE – we will drench ourselves in the masculine encode powers of fire (sun masculine) to transform, transmute, strengthen & evolve and grow. As we begin to transform, sometimes It can feel nothing short of a living hell, the dross and all the pain must be fully recognised & felt before it can be burnt to cinders…This is the purification process of your mind, heart, body and Soul. This kind of fire though is your friend and it is the fiercest kind of love you can have for yourself. It feels like every part of you as you’ve known yourSelf is dying into the alchemical fires, it can feel like you are loosing yourself and others who you thought would always be around. BUT it’s worth it because you are being reborn into your brighter self. We all know fire brightens everything up. Some things must be burnt to the roots like a bush fire to see their strength for being reborn, fire will never leave things the same. Other things may just need a little stoke of the fire to get our body, relationships, creativity, or love moving again…if you are scared of fire (like a heat) it will keep flaring up until you stand upright and pay attention. If you mistreat your own fire it will burn you down and out. Respect your own fire, put the kindle where it’s needed and guard it where it’s getting out of control. I like to think of it like I’m becoming my own flame dancer nowadays.
Our digestion needs some heat to get things moving well and keep us functioning optimally. Headstand, forearm balances are the perfect fire starters, just like a flame it will always turn upwards; so too will your digestive system when we crank the heat up in a safe way.
Here is a sunburst sunset as a taster for class this week-join me! Love your fire, give your warmth, use it wisely. I have been learning to love this element for the last year now and know it’s the one that lights my way to a happier me.