Blessings yogis on today’s full moon (12.32 am GMT) in LEO and the first in a cycle of lunar eclipses where the shadow of the earth drapes across the face of the moon. Its a gift, at eclipses we are literally able to see our shadow. Leo energy is roaring from within, ushering us to own our destiny even as the surprises of life continue. Life does only exist here and now, yet, here and now only exist because history and eternity made it so. We are evolutionary consciousness in it all.

Of late, I talk a lot about the shadow of the individual and the collective global whole. Leo brings into awareness where shadows are lurking, a true curveball of shadow has emerged into the global psyche with regards to politics…(I want to say so much…but will leave it at this) bulldozing into power, narcissism and total disregard for the health of the world and it’s people who represent minority groups is archaic, not forward thinking and in fact depicts a deep rooted insecurity driven by fear and greed from the establishment that is seeping into every pore of the world.
Yes, Leo is bold, that boldness is a deep roar of self-love from within. Let’s cultivate and conserve energy, not retaliate with fear or hate but know from deep integrity what is morally and ethically the way we wish to live in this day and age. I truly believe we have the right to believe, act and become. This means standing up for what we absolutely know Mother Earth desires. Leo’s fiery message is let your fullest and best Self be seen and heard because humanity always benefits.
Your relationships out there, are the mirror of what is in there, never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak – remember, a mirror is a reflection that flips perception. Give love and receive love but let it be wise…let it penetrate deeply in and reverberate its way back out so your heart insists to blossom open…because your commitment to grow is from the inside out, without any need for external approval. This is the way of worrior-lioness…
Please, positively, RESIST with love,
Roaring wildly,