One of my roles as a yoga teacher is to remind people of a new way of living an old way. Yesterday (and still now) was a full wolfmoon in the nurturing, motherly and watery sign of Cancer. Cancer sign is a crab, a hard shell but also extremely sensitive. This sign of mother (also in us) wanted nourishing right down to her foundations. When there’s a full moon there is a gravitational pull, tension of opposites opposing each other. A full moon in cancer means there will be a new moon in Capricorn; both in service of each other. Capricorn is about organisation, concerned with the star of dharma (right path, unique gifts) and is governed by Saturn the planet of authority…so finance and career is coming up.

The first (of thirteen) full moons of the year appropriately falls into the Midwife archetype. She is known as the sacred coach helping us through the birth canal to manifest and womanifest our dreams. Capricorn will help you have a strong sense of bringing vision into being, while cancer will want to wrap you in cotton wool and nourish your Soul. We need both and both are in true relationship to each other – where are you in this sacred conversation?
Its also a hard, cold time and the deepest of winter weather is beckoning us. January’s full moon adopted its Wolf moon name because now is a time when wolf packs would venture from mountains and into town in search of food. Highly intuitive and instinctual are wolves, they recognise emotions with a glance, read body language perfectly. They’re survivors of the toughest and support their pack unequivocally. They also know exactly how to communicate with one another, each expressively contributing their unique gifts. Howling is their sacred language which not only warns each other of danger but protects and is everyday communication…connect, trust and listen to your intuitive wolf-like instincts.
Today, Friday whose original root name comes from Goddess Freyja’s Day; the Nordic Earth goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, who rode a chariot to-boot, pulled by cats! Her bold message was always unleash your adventurous side, take risks and be darling. Success comes not from shying away timidly but committing yourself fully! Be sure to celebrate in sister and brotherhood (as we do on Fridays. This day was named in her honour and marks the celebratory end of the working week.)
Number thirteen is also an auspicious day number or at least it was before the church made it unsacred with centuries of “witchocide in Europe” B. Galvin. And the media/film industry created even more of a whirl, scaremongering with films like: Friday The 13th. Thirteen actually represents the cycles of moon calendar months…and ‘month’ comes from the name ‘moon’. Finally, women would come together in menstrual-cycle which means ‘moon-cycle.’ See how magically interwoven it all really is and we wowmen truly are? Today was and still is a sacred, holy day. Trust your intuition, express the suppressed, connect to your wild side and celebrate with passion. Aho!