The festival of the Earth’s Awakening – Imbolc which means: Ewe’s Milk. This is the first festival in calling to the power of the sun: first, Imbolc, second, Ostara (Spring Equinox) and third, Beltane.
Imbolc brings good energy to clear away the dross of cold, dark winter. It’s a nudge for us to grow insight into our lives right now and gain clarity with growth in mind. We notice crocuses, shoots sprouting and woodland snowdrops peeking their pretty petals. It’s the Sacred Fire Festival to the Goddess Brighid “Exalted One” – a purification process is invited for vitality, potency and fertility…visualise your green abundance flourishing. How bright do you want your inner light to shine?

The truth is, we can only do that if we know how to rise up and release old, stuck patterns, conditioning and fears…that’s how our individual solar power ignites. Dreams and visions are not just for dreaming and envisioning…all aspects of our creative selves want to sprout out, gain momentum and sparkle their way into the world. This longing to move forward is real…think like it’s an awakening of your voice, a seamless flowing of your pen action, absorb poetry, sing mantra and birdsong. Swim in the love strories of great artists. Love if you dare…and dare to love. Regenerate your wisdom in trust and reclaim your mystical, magic.

…it’s all a play, the Wheel of the Year, the Dance of Nataraja, seasons, cycles, deaths of the old form, rebirths of the new. Tip-toe the land if you must but the invite is not to go into the rabbit hole but emerge from hibernation.

Nourish within her fertile soils to reveal your true magic; be your Soul’s dance.