Invoke The Light Yoga Retreat Afternoon

Saturday 13th January, The Brooklands Centre, 12 – 5.30pm
Our time together will invoke designing your life with intention, sankalpa and the art of manifestation. Jai Ganesha will be making a guest apperance for your personal up-levelling energy shifts.
A beautifully delicious yoga retreat with a thorough, dynamic flow to completely reset, cleanse and strengthen your body. My sequences will focus on deeply cleansing your body, mind and spirit to support you releasing anything you are holding onto. We will increase respiration and circulation which promotes healthy lymphatic flow and is key for successful detoxification. Residual toxins will also dissipate through maximising the benefits of deep breath work and inversion practice. Continuing further, we will stimulate and bring awareness to the intestinal tract and I will teach you the differences between decompressive, compressive and twist based asana, there most certainly is scientific optimally savvy sequencing for desired results. Each of the major internal and digestive organs will be addressed with a focused yet loving compassion.
A break to relax and connect with each other and share tea with raw organic vegan cake will also be part of the experience before sliding into movement meditations using carefully selected Doterra Essential Oils and my own range of Embodied Consciousness Botanica perfume oils to support your entire endocrine system.
Including us, everything on the planet is vibrating a resonant tone, even if you do not hear it. When an organ or body part is healthy this too has a resonance which has a harmonic atunement with the rest of the body. If an organ or body part is in dis-ease this resonance is altered and blocked. By amplifying and projecting sound into the blocked or dis-eased area correct harmonic patterns are restored. Our bodies are made of upto 90% water, we are basically crystalline in structure which means crystals mixed with sound healing have an incredible effect on our bodies. When working with crystal healing sound bowls profound effects on the organs, tissues, cells of the body as well as the circulatory, endocrine and metabolic systems come back into optimal vibratory resonace. Profound, cutting-edge healing may be experienced as you finally dissolve into spacious silence and invoke the light.
An afternoon of yogini magic is awaiting you. Join us for a fabulous session and alchemise healing love through your entire being, be in community and give yourself the time you deserve for your own health and well-being.
Please bring a pillow, blanket and bolster (if you have one) And recommend and bring a friend to receive a free gift.
Soul Investment £50 (concessions are available so please do ask!)
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Its time to give yourself the love you so easily offer to everyone else.
Loving you wildly, Wendy xxxx