Kali – Freedom. Authenticity. Ferocity…Revolution! Kali energies are the fiercest, most terrifying in the Hindu pantheon aspects of the feminine, not to be messed with! She is known as ‘the black one’ – call on her when suddenly, like a bolt of lightning you wake up saying: ‘this is not how the story goes? There is more…’ and you feel thrusted change in the fires of transformation (like it or not!) – that’s Kali energy. For transformation, freedom and liberation to be birthed something must die (the ego) which is why she likes to hang out at the cemetery. Things must fall away, parts of us are always being destroyed and dying as we evolve, letting go of what does not serve our higher evolution. Destroying ignorance, radically shaking up stuckness like a wild, volcanic eruption and totally slaying ego. Kali stands for absolute, radical, honesty, raw authenticity and the most fiercest kind of love! FIRCE LOVE! These energies make you venture into the darkest cave; the cave you fear to go holds the treasure that sets you free! This requires pure inner strength and absolute trust in the process. What feels like destruction and chaos is I fact new birth, a new skin, a new beginning (in disguise!) Kali is depicted wearing a garland of skulls each representing the shattering of ego, delusion and ignorance. Her tongue is fierce, dripping in blood, she has midnight blue skin and signifies incredible transformational powers, her hair is dishevelled and she holds the sword of discernment. She says: ‘you will evolve, you will grow. What needs to be done with, is done, this is the time!’ Transform your fear!
Mantra: Aum aim hrim klim chamundaye viche svaha