Before I became a yogini on this path certain things in life would happen that made me feel (and stay!) very contracted/sad/tearful/cross…I found it so hard to move forward… I used to get stuck. That stuck feeling stayed in my body and I just couldn’t let it go!

Cliche sentence in the yoga world: “let it go.” – I felt like a failure! “What was wrong with me?” I would think. “Why can I not just let go?”

The only person in the whole wide world I was able to practice this skill on effectively was my daughter. I found that with her I was able to say my thing from a place of love even if I was feeling contracted, then I was able to move on and really more easily “let it go.”

I used to wonder why I couldn’t do this with others, ‘obvious’ you’re probably thinking but it wasn’t to me because remember, I was stuck.

Letting go is an active choice. It will only happen when the time is right. In the meantime, it isn’t helpful for you or another to collect more evidence as to why you shouldn’t let go. It is also not for us to judge others based on our own, often skewed, perceptions.

Our one thing we can rely on is our breath and hopefully ourselves. Everything else is in flux…so learning the skills and tools to let go sooner is extremely good for your health. Good for your energy and good for your immune system. It’s good for homeostasis on every level.

Through the breath in yoga we are releasing tensions; stuckness and allowing our creative energy to flow. Our work is to release all of this karma through the respiratory process of circulation and energy so that it doesn’t get dumped and stuck in our body.

When we are in pain either physically, emotionally or building walls around our fragile heart’s it is so important to move our body temple…to move ourselves through that stress and release it.

Is there someone or something taking up residence in your energy body?

“There are beings in this world who like us for the same reasons as we know to eat carrots; our energy is food.” Swami Chetananda

We need to take responsibility for the feelings we hold within us and not allow energetic residence to happen with energy vampires. Know how and when to let go so that you can do what you are here to do: learn and grow in love.

Om Namah Shivaya