Mid-Week Yoga Retreat and Pilgrimage to Glastonbury

Tue 16th -18th Aug

Why Glastonbury?
Glastonbury is known as the ancient “Isles of Avalon,” its ancient Celtic name is Ynys Witrin “the Island of Seeing.” The energy at Glastonbury is very magical with vast natural flowing springs from the mountains and the land is built on ancient lay-lines. Over 2000 years ago there lay a Druid Collage and Jesus himself is said to have visited there. Glastonbury attracts many free thinkers, philosophers, Templars, healers, authors, artists, musicians…they all recognise there is a huge spiritual pull in Glastonbury. Gypsy wanders, hippies and the wildest of wild hearts love Avalon and the magic available at it’s ancient sites.
The Retreat:
Our yoga retreat will be in The Chalice Wells Gardens. We will practice either in the cosy meditation room, the beautifully pretty meditation gardens or the airy bright conservatory within the enchanted gardens themselves. One of the huge advantages of holding my retreat here is that the Earth energy is so strong because of the Michael and Mary lay lines which meander and criss-cross their way through the hillsides. People truly pilgrim here to heal, rest, nourish and feel once again.
As guests of The Chalice Well Gardens we will have 24 hour access to the spiritual gardens and wells.
Our accommodation will be at The Little St Michael’s house, on site, at The Chalice Wells Gardens. This house is over 400 years old with fabulous history. The rooms look beautiful and actually remind me more of Beatrix Potter! Prices for this retreat are for shared accommodation.
The centre is strictly a vegetarian centre and our morning and evening meals will be freshly prepared on site and catered for us. Eating out in-between is not included in the price of the retreat.
the vegetarian food will be lovingly prepared and will be wheat, sugar and gluten free so we will feel nourished and refuelled yet light and able to connect to our spiritual essence more authentically. Vegan catering is also possible, please advise on booking.
(will vary – to be confirmed)
2 x yoga practices daily
additional meditation sessions
Planned tours: Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Wells, Avebury, The Tor and shopping.
Bruch and dinner
All yoga
Entry to Chalice wells gardens
Not included:
Additional drinks and snacks
Entry to Glastonbury Abbey or any other trip
It is my wish for us to spend time in Embodied Consciousness Practices, to nourish on every level, bond with like minded souls and to also re-remeber our roots in a more harmonised way of being spiritual beings on the Earth, in rhythm with seasons and the ebb and flow of the moon energies. There will be a full moon while we visit. There is no better location to rekindle this magic than the Isles of Avalon herself.
Come join me. Book your place now as this retreat will fill very quickly and i’d love you to be a part of it.
Wildly, Wendy xx
Payment options:
Full payment now £299
50% now and 50% six weeks before the retreat
Payment after June 1st, £340
Ref: Avalon Retreat
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