Dear Yoga, my gift that just keeps on giving,

There’s something I just have to tell you before we next meet. I’ve thought it for so long now but never really showed you my gratitude.

Our world is truly amazing but also extremely hectic, full pressure and people keen to tell us what to do: From parents to teachers, from governments to large corporations, from environmentalists to scientists, from doctors to dentists, from TV to magazines. I could continue…

Every day I read some new, hot-off-the-press ‘must-do’, scientifically proven idea, (must eat quinoa, must eat steak it’s good for the immune system, don’t eat steak it increases your risk of getting cancer). When it’s best to eat, (every two hours, six small meals a day, three decent meals a day, only when you’re hungry) Do I know my numbers (cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure, VO2 max, Max Hr)? Is my running performance improving? What behaviour is acceptable (don’t shout on the bus, tube or in the library), What I must wear to be in (this season’s new black is grey, that’s so last season) How many hours must I work to prove my own worth (as many as I possibly can…)

If I’m being really truthful, this can all become quite tiring and hard work. Is all of this really the true and authentic me, all of the time? I feel the pressure…When I’m on the mat I’m absolutely 100% the true and authentic me; a yoga finely tuned artist, a flowing river of consciousness, from the inside to the out.

…so yoga…from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you, you really are my ‘saving grace’. Through ups and downs there you are, not judging just supportive, like my loyal dog, Buddy. You’re always encouraging me to show-up; I know I’ll feel so much better after I’ve been with you even if it’s just for ten minutes. You teach me to listen to my body and literally go-with-the-flow. If it all feels too much you let me choose, Downward Facing Dog or Child’s Pose and again I just breathe. You take me to the edge, how I love to ride the wave. Thanks for the joy you give back to me, whether I’ve seen you for five minutes, an hour, a workshop or intensive. I must confess, I don’t always feel it straight away but then I might notice your philosophy sneaking through, or the breathing helping me out in a stressful moment, or that pain that I was so attached to has now gone away, I’m calm when I used to be stressed. Happy, full of love and my body feels so much more light, joyful and free. You really are the one for me! Now… when I feel all of this wonder and woe, I just smile a great big smile, because I know… You just wanted me to find out for myself-clever!

I truly love the way you make me laugh so effortlessly, how I like myself more with every posture (how do you do that?), you remind me each time we meet about the wonderful, artistic and beautiful person I am on the inside as well as the outside. You truly are my shinning star.

Thanks for the way you make me feel. Helping me to step into and remember there’s great fun to be had at every single stage of my life, for giving me the tools to show off my own shining start. But most of all, thank you for just being there allowing me to be open to all possibilities. You see the magic that lets me see my own magic.

I am so grateful for feeling on top of the world that I just want to salute the sunshine. I hope we are together forever more, as long as the sun and stars are in the sky my heart is open to all what you are; what you have to offer me and in turn, what I can offer everyone I meet.

I truly feel more Nisprapancaya Shantaya (always present and full of peace)
…so yoga namaste from the bottom of my heart.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,

xx Wendy