Every day I take the same walk. I choose my preferences based on instinct, temperature and our dear friend, good old habit. I always walk to the left around the huge fields, I like to think I’m stimulating the creative hemisphere of my brain but let’s face it, I’m just going around in circles,repeating the same pattern over and over.

Life is about choices; not this but that, not that but this. Sometimes trial and error leads the way with a whole lot of repeating – patterns happening over and over again…if we let them.

Thoughts and feelings are in constant flux and we are as much a slave to them as they are to our body.

We ‘think’ a feeling is only experienced through the thought-provoking mind but, feelings are experienced on many levels of our being- our emotional body feels, the physical body, our heart, our mind, our consciousness and the unwavering soul is imprinted.

Negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, misperceptions, blame, sadness,tears, and the like … can move through your body like a virus trying to escape.

Yoga teaches us balance. I’ll say that again. Yoga teaches us balance. Whatever we do on one side of the body we replicate on the other side too. Living yoga off the mat should be the same. Otherwise, what’s the point? All the practice on the mat is just that, ‘ practise’. The real yoga happens as soon as we step off the mat.

Taking me back to my repeating patterns, do you ever feel like you are going around in circles? Doing the same thing over-and-over? Meeting the same type of people and wondering, how could that have happened…again? WELL If you do, great because you’ve just noticed a behaviour pattern (it took me forever to notice I kept on walking the same way around the fields!)  Perhaps not forever, but just, maybe, a very long time of repeating patterns is what it takes to ‘be the change.’

We must recognise a pattern before a shift occurs. I did begin to walk around the right side of the field and in fact, even all different directions and paths, around, across and diagonals too – oh yes, I’m a crazy cat sometimes! This change (although small) brought about greater balance, literally a fresh direction, my eyes opened up, I noticed new things and gained clear insight.

Our bodies, mind, heart and nervous system take a note of all these repeating patterns in our lives, storing them somewhere… for later. Eventually, this can translate as dis-ease in the mind, the body, the heart, the nervous system and possibly… all of them.

If you imagine a bowl of water all calm and still.

You can see through the water to the base of the bowl. Add a pebble and ripples start, first small but … increaSING, inCREASING, INCREASING, until the water is murky and totally distorted. Our mind is just the same.

We have around 50,000 thoughts per day- HELL, yeah I know, crazy; no wonder we go around in circles sometimes.

Spring is here. DETOX, RE-fresh, RE-vive but how do we not RE-peat? Let the thoughts and emotions run their course, run through you. Observe them, be their witness not their slave.

So what can you do?

  • Walk in the fresh air and give your thoughts an airing (be sure to go in all directions and off the beaten path)
  • Step onto your mat and sweat your thoughts out
  • Step onto your mat and breathe your thoughts until the tension is eased
  • Step onto your mat and twist them away
  • Meditate on your mat, cleansing your mind like you do your body when you take a shower
  • Relax on your mat taking back your full power, your  authentic , carefree and creative  Self
  • Write those thoughts down without effort or a care-in-the-world so you can ‘see’ what your thoughts are saying to you. Write whatever is in your head and notice what’s playing on your consciousness. Even if it makes no sense you will feel much lighter, a bit like I’ve done here really

Spring is time to unravel and unfold, from the mystery ‘within’ to the freedom ‘without’.  No more going around in the same circles, meeting the same type of people, patterns and situations – wondering why is this happening again…and again…and again… Break free.  Notice. Stop.

‘Be the change’ and bring harmony to your mind and body, heart and soul. You never know, we might just meet up if we choose a new route.

‘Out beyond the fields of right doing and wrong doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.’  ~ Rumi

Rumi – out beyond ideas …

Spring really is very RE…freshing.


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Wendy xx