To practice yoga is to practice connecting back in with the rhythm of your natural life-force. Our calming body rhythms feel tranquil, serene and effortless… As the shades of the day set into the natural flavours of the summer evenings it is a beautiful time to practice yoga together, as a collective heart. Our energy and vibrations truly lift when we practice together; in other words there are far deeper reasons why we all love to practice together; it’s all chemical and we lift each other. Practising together, coupled with the serene beauty of the evening sunshine and nature’s abundance surrounding us is the perfect medicine for letting go of your long and often very busy day and becoming more consciously present and engaged in life’s magic-moments or simply, easing into a gorgeous summer evening more gracefully…

Join me for level 1/2 yoga flow, at The Peace Pagoda, Willen Lake for four Tuesdays in July and August (only). Attune to your instinctual, natural and innate self and come and have fun at the same time!

Four sessions (paid in advance £6.25) Total £25

Drop-in on the night £8 total £32

Mrs W Loughlan or The Yoga boutique
Acc: 61475215
Sort: 403429

Please bring your own yoga mat.
Dates: July 23rd, 30th, Aug 6th, 13th
Time: 6.15 – 7.30pm

I cant wait! Come and drink in the summer evening while practising yoga; that’s the union of our inner environment: mind, body and soul, with the outer environment, as nature intended.