Extraordinary results

Extraordinary results often require radical actions. I’m not talking about irresponsible actions. I’m talking about the courage to separate yourself from the pack and do what is necessary to live your most passionate, full life. You were not born to be a robot or to merely exist. You were born to be impactful and to(…)

— Tublu Atlanta

Help yourself with Yoga

There is an integral connection between feeling stressed, unhealthy breathing and poor posture. Practising the following on a daily/regular basis may be an extremely useful set of tools to help reduce your overall levels of stress: Sit for about 10 minutes per day Watching Your Breath Benefits: This exercise calms your mind in stressful situations(…)

Vata Season

Vata Season

Test content taken from www.WellandGoodNYC.com. As I was breathing in karnapidasana recently—not easy to do when on your back with your legs bent alongside your head—the muffled words of Brooklyn-based yoga teacher Angela Arnold managed to find their way through my knees into my ears: “It’s vata season, so it’s good to do deep forward(…)