Sianna Sherman says…

“Wendy is a most dedicated teacher who embodies the art of yoga with passion, clarity and absolute delight in life. Her very presence helps to awaken the innate joy of the heart and the remembrance that we are all one.”

Jayendra Hanley says…

“Wendy glows with the goodness of her heart. She’s a delightful and inspiring teacher who cares for her students and teaches with great skill. I’d take her class any day!”

The beginner’s Yoga Course:

I feel the beginner’s course has given me a good base to move into a regular class with a little more confidence! I particularly like the theme each week and relating that to other aspects of life rather than just a pose on the mat. I have welcomed the challenges and found you and your style of teaching inspiring.
Kirsten x

Yoga Classes:

Having been to Iyenga, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga classes I was looking for a teacher that blended different disciplines into a satisfying class. I find that Wendy’s way of teaching Anusara yoga combines her own intensive training with a deep knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to her group. She has a way of taking in beginners but also meeting the needs of participants who have practiced for many years. I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn from a committed and inspiring teacher.

John Perrott x

This beautiful yogini is a blessing to Milton Keynes!! Her classes are so inspiring! Wendy is a gorgeous attentive teacher who provides a wonderful transformative space for everyone – whether new or experienced to yoga. The classes are blissful and fun! Wendy’s broad knowledge of the practice comes across instantly and her hands-on approach makes for a truly opening and exhilarating yoga experience. Om Shakti!

Naz x

I have been attending Wendy’s yoga sessions for about nine months now and can honestly say that yoga has changed my life! As a result of practising yoga just once week I have become a more relaxed and positive person. I always leave the session feeling more equipped to face the week ahead and the stresses that it might bring. I have also noticed that my flexibility has improved and overall I feel much healthier. One key benefit is that I no longer suffer from the back pain that I had, before I started coming to yoga. I am delighted, as this was one of my main reasons for taking up yoga in the first place. I look forward to my weekly session, as I know that it is the one time in the week when I can focus on myself, forget everything else and just relax. As soon as I enter the room, I immediately feel much calmer due to the subtle lighting, soothing music and atmospheric candlelight. Wendy’s positive and easy-going personality instantly make me feel welcome and her encouraging and inspiring attitude to each class allow me to challenge myself and attempt every pose, without feeling under any pressure. Each class is different, but is always a mix of poses that work all areas of the body, combined with positive quotes and affirmations, that leave me feeling uplifted and inspired. I felt nervous before my first session about joining on my own, but I am so glad that I took the plunge and tried something new. I could never have predicted that I would come to love yoga as much as I do and would recommend it to anyone.

Natalie x


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