A restorative practice using props and postures held for longer periods of time to tap into the layers and sheaths of the pranic body. This subtle body work is a fabulous compliment to a more active practice, allowing you to decompress, release and simply let-go of a hectic day, week or whatever needs to be let go of in a pro-active way that enhances your energy body.

A perfect way to end your day and aid a restful, deep night’s sleep.
Book your place now in this small group class
Tel: 07722 222360
Wednesdays 7.30- 8.30pm @ The Quaker Centre MK

Your investment in you:
Drop – in price £10 per session
Six week block bookings (paid in advance) £50
Payment by transfer to:
Mrs W Loughlan – The Yoga Boutique
Sortcode- 403429
Acc- 61475215
Please, join the event here on face Book, also email me with your details and to confirm your place- wendy@theyogaboutique.co.uk

Please bring warmer clothes, jumper, socks, any props you may have: bolsters, blankets, eye-bags, etc…