I never thought I’d say this, especially write it down, and then share it with you, the reader! Growing up in my family home was all about routine. I could tell you now every single meal I ate from Friday through to Sunday when visiting at Grandma and Granddad’s house. Tea time was exactly five o’clock; my bedtime was always eight o’clock ‘on the dot’. I had specific hair washing days, absolute ways of doing things. After spending most of my early adult years running away from anything that had the slightest sniff of routine (even the word bothered me) I now find myself craving and suggesting routine to you too! Check that out for full-circle.

Maybe like you too, there is a huge part of me that is free-spirited, wild, instinctual, true and strong ~ I feel a deep need to renew my energies over and over, to return back into the world, fully ready to give in my daily life. When I don’t carve the time to renew myself I feel less able to give free and authentically and more prone to that depleted, running on empty feeling.

For me to get the best out of me and my creative side, I need to tap into nature and the great outdoors, the nature of mySelf. By spending time walking and being outside I create space in my mind for fresh, new perspectives. Thoughts and ideas arise that wouldn’t normally occur if I was just doing chores or my work on the computer.

Meditation and pranayama (even five/ten minutes of each) change my approach to tasks and towards others too.

On-the-mat is where I create, explore and renew. This time is so important to my well-being that I am then able to offer myself and yoga back out, from my heart, to yours. Of course, life happens and being on the mat can vary in time-length, time of day and regularity. I make and find the time for it. I sure notice if I don’t get on there!

I quite often hear: ‘ I’m so busy, I was going to come to yoga but something had to give ~ that is time for me, so I’ll try and make it next week…’ This may sound like you, I was this person myself…until I finally realised, that actually…wait a minute…If I carve the time out for myself (even if I do feel like I am squeezing it in sometimes) then as well as myself, everybody and everything in my life benefits.

Recognising our uniqueness, we all have times in the day where we feel more active and able, maybe you’re an early or late morning person, perhaps you’re creative and active time is later in the day. It doesn’t matter when maybe carving out twenty-to-thirty minute slots throughout the day would work better for you. You tuning into yourself is a recipe for health and happiness; when I’m happy the world appears a happier place, it’s that simple.

…so I’m not talking about the type of routine which involves eating the same meal every single week on Fridays or going to bed at exactly the same time each night (that’s another muse) but the kind of routine you’d be happy to invoke. Five minutes reading beautiful poetry, going to look at art each week in a gallery, sitting under a tree, twenty minutes of sun salutations, pranayama while you’re sat waiting somewhere, meditation at some point in your day (start with five minutes and build up time from there). Happy moments, happy-little-routines that connect you back in with you! They’re the kind of routines that rock my world!

Here is a list about the small things we can do at any time to re-connect to ourSelf, our true essence. From the book: Women Who Run with Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Este:

  • Rereading passages of books and single poems that have touched you
  • Spending a few minutes near a river, stream, or creek
  • Lying on the ground in dappled light
  • Being with a loved one without kids around
  • Sitting on the porch shelling something, knitting something, peeling something
  • Walking or driving for an hour, any direction, then returning
  • Boarding any bus, destination unknown
  • Making drums while listening to music
  • Greeting sunrise
  • Driving out to where the city lights do not interfere with the night sky
  • Praying
  • A special friend
  • Sitting on a bridge with legs dangling over
  • Holding an infant
  • Sitting by a window in a cafe and writing
  • Sitting in a circle of trees
  • Drying hair in the sun
  • Putting hands in a rain barrel
  • Potting plants, being sure to get hands very muddy
  • Beholding beauty, grace, the touching frailty of human beings

And here are a few more

  • Yoga, yoga, yoga
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Seeing friends
  • Walking
  • Magical music
  • A new hobby (you’ve always wanted to do)

It really doesn’t matter how busy, stressed or disconnected we are feeling, we can choose to do some of these very simple tasks, bringing us closer to h(om)e and back in with ourSelf. Just say yes, you can make the time and before you know it, you’ll feel like you have more time. Making space for those happy-little- routines could be just what the doctor ordered!

What happy-little-routines could you do this week that will help you connect back in with you and come h(Om)e so that you can continue to share your light and love, making our world a better place? Our happy-little-routines will lead us right back to our free-spirited, wild and instinctual Self. I’d love to hear your comments.

“When a person speaks their truth, fires up their intention and feeling, stays tight with the instinctive nature, they are singing, they are living in the wild breath-stream of the soul. To live this way is a cycle in itself, one meant to go on, go on, go on…”

Namaste, to happy-little-routines that help us return h(om)e to ourSelf ~ Love Wendy xxx