Sacred Soul’s Moon Circle Gatherings

Sunday 12th March 2017, 6.30 for 7- onwards… The Old Academy, High Street, Newport Pagnell, MK168AB

Reaching our highest potential is not just a dream but a reality supported by each other, seeing with heart-eyes what a full moon or new moon time has to make conscious.

Earth, moon and the Devine feminine is the most powerful and sacred alignment we can embody. You will notice, the more aligned you become with the earth, the more aligned you become with yourSelf, your higher Self and when this happens, the more your feminine spirit awakens. As this alignment deepens, you awaken to the wild of nature and her seasons, her cycles, for nature is the feminine and your body and Earth are one. You start to become a great force of nature realising everything is connected, everything is seasonal, everything is cyclical…nothing ever really ends because every death brings life in some way, every ending a new beginning. I have been in deep on-line, and in person learning for the previous thirteen moons with my teachers: Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner who are both trained in the High Priestess tradition. I too, am studying this tradition with a very inquisitive nature and, if you feel called to,  It is my wish to share my wisdom of learnings with you too. Over theses past, present and future thirteen moons (a moon calendar) I am in weekly lessons,  live webinars, priestess classes, deep feminine conversation, moon alignment healing, learning the sacred mystery school teachings…and more and more aligning myself and my own bio-rhythms according to moon wisdom. The moon was the traditional feminine calendar to follow…then with patriarchy and rise of the church we began to follow the twelve month cycle of the sun and masculine influence…our feminine natural rhythms became more so unbalanced…and some of the healing magic became sub-consiously suppressed deeper into the psyche of the soul. I am deeply connected and called to serve the awakening of our Devine Feminine, supporting wowmen (and men) to awaken their healing nature and trust the innate instinct of Mother Nature which, mirrors the innate instinct of our true nature.I have been running our sacred soul sisters’ moon circles for over a year now and offer them very freely, from my home, it is my wish to open this circle up for all, with a firm wish to grow in love. Folks who join this circle often exchange a ‘passion bartering’ gift in gratitude for the exchange which can happen when open to the possibilities. You too, are invited to my offering.”It’s very simple child. You are vast, like the sky. You have light and darkness in you. If you fight the dark within, you tear yourSelf asunder, split yourSelf in two. Don’t begin a holy war within, my precious one. LOVE the dark in yourSelf! Honour it. Hold it gently. Flood it with the light of love…illuminate those wounded parts. Those sore and tender regions of your ancient heart. The darkness within you only longs for the light, and the light within you longs to touch darkness. Fulfil an ancient promise to illuminate an entire cosmos.” Jeff FosterI am you
And you are me
My story is your story
Your story is my story
Fly little bird
Fly free
Jai Ma
Blessed Be
…and also bring:
If you have a passion to share bring it with you, music, art, poetry, flowers, dark chocolate, fruit…to share
Your yoga mat, bolster (if you have one) and any props you may use.
Comfortable dress that you can move yet still practice and let it also make you feel beautifully alive.
Come with your inquisitive nature
Come with your doubts
Come and see
Suggested price: Passion Bartering
If you are stuck for passion bartering this time, £15
for more information email:
“Having a lover and friends to look at you as a true living, breathing  entity, one that is human with very fine, moist and magical things as well. A lover and friends who support sitora in you; these are the people you are looking for, they will be the friends of your Soul for life. Mindful choosing of friends and lovers, not to mention teachers, is critical to remaining conscious, remaining intuitive, remaining in charge of a fiery light that sees and knows.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes