I have been thinking about offering something else for you all for some time now and have decided to offer some semi-private classes from my house. These offerings will be restorative yoga sessions with my own signature twist to them. I long to create a beautiful amabiance where you can truly rest, digest, restore and fully replenish yourself. I add a sprinkling of these sessions to my own personal practice and they truly support me when i’m physically tried, mentally zapped or processing any emotional stuff. Just like my usual classes do, only from my home I can add the finishing touches. I will be using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to support your endocrine system and I will also be working with Alchemy crystal healing singing bowls made from platinum and pure amethyst rose crystal quartz. Us human beings are already primed for great benefits of crystal bowls because we are made of about 85% water. The crystal sound, mixed with platinum and gemstone has a resonance in our body that truly recalibrates stuck energy blockages, I have experienced incredible effects myself.  I will also be using a blend of the Koshi bells. The restorative practice will completely wrap you up and give you the absolute support you require to feel lighter, brighter, more flexible and free. Therapy balls will also be introduced during sessions to aid deep tissue release of fascia.

I am asking that these sessions are prepaid in a block booking please. If for any reason somebody can’t make a session then there will be a last minute option to join us and a one-off payment will be required.  These semi-private classes are for a maximum number of six people per session so that you receive the attention you need personally. The price is pre-payment £100 for five sessions (this term) and first come first serve is applicable so book now honeys! Wednesday Evenings 6.45 -8.45pm. The Old Academy, High Street, Newport Pagnell, MK168AB

I hope this is something you will join and love. A perfect antidote to hump day!


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