Archetype Tara is one of the oldest worshipped goddesses of all time and honoured across religion and culture. She is seen in many colours but white, green and red are most frequent.

Tara originated in Hindu representing eternal life force that heals all, she is mother goddess and great one.
Peaceful white Tara Protects bringing longevity and peace. Green Tara is more dynamic of the goddesses an icon of Mother Earth, seen to overcome obstacles, saving us from physical and spiritual danger.
The compassionate mother, the goddess of wisdom, grace and protection.
Welcomed by Tibetan Buddhism she became the most widely studied deity, said to be  enlightenment itself of the highest compassion and deepest wisdom in living form.
Tara also means ‘star’ who brings forth life. There is reference of Tara across many cultures, the Celts say Tor is the root name for Tara and the Tor is known as a sacred mound of spiritual energy of the Earth.
The Egytptians call Ishtar who came from heaven to earth informing everyone to mingle and enjoy great benefits of wisdom, she, was said to be an incarnation of Tara.
Tara is also associated with Chinese, Kuan Yin the great goddess of compassion and, In South America she was known as the ancient mother goddess Tarahumara. Virtually everywhere there is a strong connection to Tara inviting us to lovingly and compassionately nourish our hearts.