My thoughts on karma as i’ve learned them Karnat Karnam (from ear-to-ear)

Everything that we think, say and do leaves an imprint in the heart, creating a system of actions and reactions throughout our soul and into consciousness. That’s the law of karma. Karma is like a seed that grows into a giant tree. We can create a karmic loop. For example, have you ever had a situation with somebody that has upset you, they’ve been complaining to you? Then you go and talk to someone else about that person and you start complaining about the complainer. Sound familiar? This is a karmic loop which spirals the energy down…way down. We don’t complain about the complainer and we spiral the energy, the karma, up…way up

Don’t complain about the complainer and spiral that karma up. keep re-investing in good karma. Become the best gardener of your thoughts, plant good seeds and watch those hybrid seeds grow into giant, full-blooming and beautiful, karmic trees.

Have a very great day re-investing in good karma, choosing thoughts which bring you greater opportunity and just see how you feel.

Learn it. Live it. Love it with light and laughter

xxxx Wendy