Virabhadra vira meaning “hero” and bhadra meaning “blessed” and “fortunate” Virabhadra is Shivas auspicious hero, raging like a fire in combustion for all destruction of ignorance, delusion, dogma, and faulshood. Virabhadra is regarded as an aspect of shiva consciousness that emerges…as the story goes Shiva and Sati were true beloveds and there was a fabulous family party, which neither Sati or Shiva were invited to. Sati took this terribly as it was her own family and she went anyway…then into the inferno fires of destruction she entered, never to return… We call on this fierce and courageous warrior strength when we wish to invoke our courage for shift in our lives. In yoga we practice being courageous warriors of strength that also ooze peace and their in our peace lays out strength and courage.