My class this week is embodying the element of water in every way. Our bodies are 90% water in the same way the earth is covered with a huge percentage of water too. Water is linked to the second chakra svadhistana (your own sweet abode) and how we flow with energies in our sensual, sexual selves.We are healthy when our watery, emotional energy is flowing too…our tears are strength which leads towards healing; embrace your emotional tides, delve into your subconscious and flow with greater ease. La luna is our great friend, understand her reflection and trusts as the tides rise…these too will pass. The only constant is change; becomes like water; find the path of least resistance. If a murkiness like stagnation begins to build add oxygen and heat and shape-shift finding your place with easeful flow again.
Some people do not believe in magic, yet the water inside of you right now has come from the stars, has been in the clouds, in the rain, snow capped mountains, mountain streams, mighty rivers, vast oceans, many seas, spring water has come from deep within the earth, its been filtered and cleansed by rocks, absorbed by minerals, frozen in ice and snow, been mist, fog, steam, flood water. Water is full of oxygen- you truly are made of the uniVerse and that’s magic! Water is power, it can wear away rock, create its own river banks and completely change a landscape.
When water stagnates it turns on itself, let’s think about that in relationship to our own body.
Within an ocean are many drops of water but within a drop of water is the entire ocean. Honour your teardrops, they hold your entire universe and flow with receptivity and grace in life. Here’s a flavour…so much to share with you in class.
We are into a hip-opening practice this week because the hips don’t lie so let’s find greater movement in this area of our body and spend some time truly feeling what is happening there for you.
Here this well and symbol represents union and harmony of the masculine and feminine within.