We know ‘his’tory what’s ‘her’story? – ((And please know I’m not talking about him and her, more the suppressed feminine, healing energy within all of us (irrelevant of sex)the Shakti not the shiva, the moon not the sun, the darkness not the light, matriarchy not patriarchy, love not competition, consciousness not unconsciousness. Let’s enjoy herstory…and feel more w’holy’.

My yoga classes this week, will pulse between the strong, dynamic (shiva, masculine) and therapeutic, healing (Shakti, feminine) alignment for shoulders and neck. We’ll enjoy greater weight baring into armbalances and inversions and I’ll teach you a new mudra and mantra for inner strength and outer protection. Blessed Be. Shine on!

“Meditation is fundamental to awakening and moving into different stages of enlightenment…without it an individual is delaying the activation of their potential, which is unlimited by the way.” Dr Michael Beckwith