We are fast approaching the darkness of night and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Within darkness lures mystery and feminine magic…go towards quiet and let rest your energies. Listen to the inner wise woman and man in this crone time: she and he knows.

Today’s gift of darkness and shadow conversing is tomorrow’s gift of brightness and light dancing.

Within the Southern Hemisphere lightness is flooding Earth, shedding the old, churning with mystery, depth and listening has now morphed, it’s time to alchemise celebrations of joy, daylight and summer.

From a global perspective winter solstice celebrates masculine and feminine energies (masculine in the Southern Hemisphere; sun and light and Feminine in the northern hemisphere, moon and darkness)…it’s all an ecstatic dance where one can not exist without the other, both, holding balancing the scales perfectly.

In the North delve into the psyche, if you are feeling wounds of this past season allow yourself to feel and heal. If we push aside these feelings we are turning away from a part of who we are-this can only cause deeper pain in our body, mind, heart and breath and, will require deeper soul reflection along the way-do it now. Hold yourself lovingly accountable for what you feel and feel it wholly. We are not here to judge ourselves or others, we are here to heal and love as fully possible. Let yourself dance, yoga, meditate, move sacredly, embody consciousness and move emotions through your body…

I’m sure many of us are sparkling our homes with candlelight and pine needles which bring the scent of nature inwards, lifting spirits higher. Enjoy a crackling, roaring fire and perhaps even choose something to write on paper, to release and burn to cinders (can you love yourself enough to let it go?)

Wherever you are today and whatever you are doing I hope you feel held, loved and know we are one, all children of the earth, and now more than ever she needs us, all able to grow in love if we give ourselves permission to.

With great luna~solar love to you,
Blessed Be, Wildly, Wendy