The Importance of hip openers:

For those who come to yoga with a background in athletics, you may have already noticed this fact: while activities like running, cycling and weight lifting make us strong, they can also make us tighter in key areas, especially the hips. For course, it’s not only athletes who experience the effects of tight hips, mums carrying their babies (on one side of the hip), men, older people, people suffering with arthritic concerns, people with office jobs and people with specific injuries, may all know the feeling of tight hips.

Yogis working with tighter hips get the same stretch as yogis who are already quite open in this area; they just meet their edges in different places. Respecting your body and exploring the possibilities from there is medicine for your hips.

If you regularly experience knee, shoulder or lower back pain, you may have tight hip muscles. If you struggle with forward folds don’t assume it’s your hamstrings, inflexible rotator muscles may be playing their part.

Over time, people practicing many sports can begin to experience niggles and injuries ranging from mild discomfort to acute pain. Shortened hamstrings, coupled with tight hip flexors along with other things like, tight groin and hip rotator can all be contributing factors, preventing optimal performance.

Sometimes the pelvis can be locked into position simply because of tight muscles which may force the body to compensate in other areas along the spine. Rounding and hunching the spine or impingement and compression of the spine may develop.

Through yoga, stretching and opening the front, back and sides of the hips safely is exactly what is required.

Runners and swimmers may notice tightness in hips and pelvis. People noticing upper body and shoulder pain from say, kayaking or tennis, may in-fact, find the problem stems from tight hips. Sports favouring using one side of the body: golf, baseball, tennis, compound hip problems by creating imbalances between one side of the pelvis and the other. One side of the body becomes shorter, tighter yet stronger, while the other side becomes more flexible yet weak.

We must learn how to provide a safe container of balance, strength and stability in order to stretch safely, then, find greater freedom. If we continue to become stronger on one side yet weak on the other, imbalances along the pelvis griddle and spine deepen.

The result of our chosen sports may lead from a niggle, to a full blown set-back. Muscle injuries and tightness in hips may cascade into lower backache for people performing high-intensity exercise, cyclists and swimmers. Shoulder concerns for tennis players, kayakers, golfers and baseball players and knee concerns for runners.

Tight hips can slow down a runner’s stride, slow a cyclist and hinder a swimmer as they move through water. Sporting performance can decrease because of tight hips.

What to do if this sounds familiar:
• Listen to your body!
• Listen to the subtle cues in your breath
• Begin to recognise if one hip is tighter than the other
• If you already practice yoga and just the thought of pigeon pose has you flapping your wings, this could be a cue that your hips require some TLC

A hip- opening yoga practice will achieve greater body mobility, allowing you to move with less effort, what was once difficult and challenging becomes more easeful. Your emotions will lift. It’s amazing how many emotions we store in our hips. Things like stress and depression which were getting you down really can ease by including hip-opening yoga practises into a cross-training timetable.

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got. Perhaps it’s time to start releasing some of that hip-fuzz and begin loving your hips again.

Join me for an afternoon of hip-opening, fun- loving yoga, allowing you to move more slowly into sticky areas, thus realising greater tension, unnecessary emotions and getting deeper.

Included is pranayama, meditation and a divine relaxation.

After the workshop, is an invitation to swankily glide our sexy hips off to the café for a delicious drink?

For the love of our hips
Wendy ♥ xxx

P.S If you can’t make the workshop perhaps a one-to-one yoga session might be an option instead.

Investment in your hips: £25 (if booked and ‘paid for’ by paypal (see below), cheque or cash before Sat 18th Aug.
£30 thereafter and on the day.


Cheques made payable to The Yoga Boutique

Please email me or message me once paid and I will add you to the group.

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Namaste Wendy xx