Join me for an exquisite yoga retreat day in the magic of Tofte Manor. The manor is an inspiring place, allowing you to work within clear, tranquil, uninterrupted space.

A yoga retreat day will bring you deeply into the heart of yourself, while providing the nurturing environment to also deepen friendships with each other.

The yoga will focus on blending and realigning more balanced energies within, reminding ourselves that only through kindness and compassion are we more likely to improve prana, life-force, vitality and that sacred union of peace within ourselves.

An outline of the day:

- Welcome and opening

- Gentle flowing yoga session to awaken your body and spirit

- A shared, healthy and colourful lunch, walk around the enchanting gardens, quiet reflective time, journaling, reading, relaxing and an (optional) dip in the heated swimming pool

- Talk about balancing your energy centres

- Afternoon yoga session

- The labyrinth walking meditation and mantra, finding the still-point, pure love

- Pranayama and relaxation

This beautiful yoga day will increase circulation throughout your body, bring about a sense of balance and ease, boost your immune system, bring greater harmony to your mind, enliven your spirit, kindle friendships with others and connect you to the elements of mother nature.

Bring with you:

Your favourite cup/mug

A light lunch will be provided but you are also welcome to bring a ready prepared dish to share with the group (you could make this your favourite colour)

Your yoga mat/block/blanket… (you may borrow one if you like)

Swim wear/towel if using the pool

Yourself as you are – perfectly

The Venue:

The magic of Tofte Manor is held in its five acres of landscaped gardens, serenity and space, secret places, rose arbours, ancient trees, its labyrinth, its history and the lovingly restored interiors of this wonderful 17th century manor house. What makes Tofte Manor different is the harmonious, holistic environment.

The labyrinth is a source of ageless beauty incorporating the elements of earth, air, fire and water. The pure water which runs through the labyrinth can be drunk to cleanse your body. Walking the labyrinth will bring balance to your body and peace to your mind. We will walk to the left and then to the right, thereby activating the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Once one has walked the labyrinth into the centre and out again one has done exactly the same amount of left and right hand turns, creating a balance in the hemispheres of the brain. In this way the labyrinth creates balance in our physical bodies and harmony on many levels.

Investment in you £60 with lunch included, concessions £50. Must be pre-booked and paid for in advance – limited spaces, secure your place NOW.


Location: Tofte Manor, Souldrop Road, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire MK44 1HH

It is with the Heart that we know

the Mind that we create

the Body that we feel

the Soul that we dream

and the Spirit that we fly

If further details are required contact or 07722 222 360.