Yoga Therapeutics

Anusara® yoga has a reputation for offering the highest quality yoga therapy available world-wide today. I fully embrace the playful and uplifting nature of Anusara® Yoga and see it as a way to experience freedom in body, mind, heart and soul, both on and ‘off’ the mat. I continue to be intrigued and amazed by the intelligence of the human body and its innate capacity for healing. Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment are extremely elegant biomechanical principles and fantastic healing tools. Though one-to-one, private sessions, I emphasize safety through alignment and encourage a deeply mindful approach to your yoga and health. Through clear, concise and skillful instruction you will learn how to apply these principles of yoga into the motor-memory of your own body. I will give you creative and powerful adjustments bringing your body back into optimal alignment and therefore, greater health.

I am offering therapeutic sessions with yoga clients who are looking to heal their bodies from sport injuries, poor posture, misalignments or specific concerns, using an extremely safe, natural and anciently effective way of coming into optimal health. When your body has injuries or aches and pains, just maybe, the universe is talking to you. You must be open to receiving this healing. In the words of John Friend (founder of Anusara Yoga): ‘Are you ready to be pain free? Do you really want to get better?’ Together with my interest and degree in physiology and Sports Science, Yoga Therapeutics is an area that I am deeply passionate about and continually explore at greater levels. You can learn more about the healing power of yoga therapeutics or book a consultation and appointment via email: – Much love and healing, Wendy.

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